Why the name…?
The flying nun

Ever heard of The Nuns in Vught? Most expats who want to learn Dutch quickly, have heard of the famous language center of “The Nonnetjes” in the south of Holland. In this former monastery you can spend hours a day with your teacher and people will only speak to you in the language you want to learn. That way you just have to speak it and you learn the basics of the language in a few days.

Does that appeal to you but you don’t want to be away for days from your home or office? Call in the help of The Flying Nun! You can fly me in – as often as necessary!- to guide you in mastering Dutch in no time!

How I work?

Ambiance :
Most people want to learn a language to actually speak it. And speaking a foreign language is easier when you feel comfortable. That's why I like a relaxed atmosphere, with room for humor and wonder.

Teaching material consists of a study book, as a basis for the structure of the lesson, supplemented with online exercises and extensive use of videos, news fragments, songs and other material from Dutch daily life. Even excursions and museum visits are possible. In consultation with the customer, we also offer Dutch for business use. We mimic both business and social situations, such as telephone calls, email traffic, making appointments, meetings and so on. For very specific, e.g. legal or technical communication, I can enable my network if necessary.

De vliegende non offers tailor-made language training, in line with the student's learning question. For best results, it is necessary to determine the learning goal precisely and that is why we keep a personal, if necessary telephone intake.

A series of lessons for a group usually consists of 30 hours, divided into 15 meetings, once a week. In general, the following applies: The smaller the group, the faster the learning goal is reached. You reach about half a level per course, so think of at least 60 hours for an entire level. An intensive private or semi-private course can go much faster than a weekly group lesson, eg 40 hours over 10 weeks.

Online classes :
De vliegende non also provides online training. To ensure the personalised approach tailored to the student, the maximum number of participants in an online course is 8, but preferably 6 persons.

The price for an hour of private lessons is € 60. Semi private lessons (2 participants) cost € 75 per hour. An hour of group lessons, with a maximum of 8 students, starts at € 90 for 3 people. The hourly rate goes up by € 15 for every student who joins, with a maximum of € 165 per hour. So a group with 4 people € 105, with 6 people € 135, with 8 people € 165. When you purchase several courses at the same time, we can offer you a discount.

The private lessons can take place at our office or with the student, or at any desirable suitable location. We give the group lessons on location at the customer in a room, suitable for concentrated learning.

My availability is flexible Monday through Friday. Classes can be scheduled every weekday between 8.30h and 18h.

About De vliegende non:

"As an expat to the Netherlands, and someone who wishes to better integrate in Dutch society through learning the language, coming across De Vliegende Non has been the biggest step towards achieving my goal. Working with Mariette over the past year has been an absolute pleasure, and truly the most effective means in not only learning Dutch, but also how to embrace Dutch culture, society, music and everything in between. De Vliegende Non goes above and beyond what one would expect from a typical language course, and fully immerses you in the Dutch experience, and from my time with Mariette, I have come to develop a true passion for the lessons, and Dutch language.

The approach taken in the lessons ensures that students remain fully engaged, and challenged. Our lessons were often catered to students with varying levels of proficiency, but nonetheless all students were taught to their needs and progressed at the same pace. The key highlight of the course for me was Mariette's ability to keep us entertained and motivated through creative activities and exercises. During the COVID-19 lock down, Mariette fully adapted our lessons to an online platform, and truly made the experience as if we were in the classroom.

I truly look forward to our weekly lessons, and continue to be motivated to improve my Dutch."

Karim Khalil (30), project manager

About De vliegende non:

"Mariette is a very good teacher. She adapts the course to the student’s needs by giving personal attention and advice. She gives the tools and the support to help you speak Dutch and to make it an enjoyable experience. She is enthusiast, encouraging and helpful. I can see my progress after just a few lessons and I will definitely continue my sessions with her."

Cecilia Ortiz de Vicente (33)

About De vliegende non:

"Even though learning a new language can often be frustrating, Mariette finds a way of keeping the lessons fun and the students motivated. She pushes your boundaries and you can truly see progress within the first few lessons. She has tons of material to work with, which makes her a very flexible teacher. When we started I couldn't say a word and now I'm able to keep up with random conversations. We now sometimes forget about the learning materials and discuss all kinds of topics from art to current affairs. This makes our lessons fly by: they are super entertaining.

If you want to learn Dutch, look no further!"

Fede Barrios (30), engineering manager

About De vliegende non:

"Mariette’s teaching approach is truly one of a kind. She used music with catchy and memorable lyrics to help me learn the Dutch language. That coupled with her enthusiasm and encouragement had me learning Nederlands in no time!"

Cami (32) Learning support teacher

About De vliegende non:

"Thank you for the wonderful classes and your enthusiasm. We've learned a lot from you! ("Bedankt voor de fijne lessen en het enthousiasme. We hebben veel van je geleerd!)"

The ladies from The bank


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