Welcome to The Flying Nun language training!

The Flying Nun provides individually designed ‘tailor-made’ Dutch lessons for students of all levels.

How is your Dutch? Are you:
- a beginner (you speak no Dutch)
- a beginner with surprises (you know more than you think you do)
- someone managing quite well
- fluent
- a native speaker?

It is my pleasure and my passion to help you learn Dutch in perfect alignment with your needs.

How I work:

We make an appointment or phone call where you share what you want to learn, so I can find out what you need to help you reach your goal. Together we decide on where, when and how often we will meet. This can be at home, at your office or mine or at any suitable and convenient public space.

For example:
- 1,5h per week, 20 weeks (30 hours)
- 2,5h per week, 16 weeks (40 hours)
- 2x 1,5h per week 12 weeks (36 hours)

Intensive course:
- 3,5h per day, 2 weeks (35 hours)
- 5h per day incl. lunchbreak; 4 days during 3 weeks (60 hours)

Dutch Lessons


My availability is flexible Monday through Friday. Classes can be scheduled every weekday between 8.30h and 18h.

Dutch Lessons


Private (1 pers.) classes: €48 per hour. Semi-private (2 pers.) classes: €60 per hour.

In-company private (1 pers.) classes: €60 per hour.
In-company semi-private (2 pers.): € 72 per hour
In-company group (from 3 pers.) classes: from €75 (ask for offer).

*Books are not included

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